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2011 Family Strengthening Conference

The 2011 Northeast Family Strengthening Conference, which was sponsored by VDSS and the Administration for Children and Families Regionís I, II, and III, took place from September 26 - September 27, 2011 at the Richmond Marriott Hotel in downtown Richmond, Virginia. The conference theme was Fit for the Future: Asset-building Strategies and Solutions for Families and Communities. The conference highlighted integrated program and policy strategies designed to support the development of financial assets, positive family relationships, personal and community health, and the connections that individuals and families have to each other and to their communities.

Plenary Sessions

Video Remarks from Governor Bob McDonnell

Video Remarks from Secretary William A. Hazel

The Promise of Asset Building: Transforming Wealth in Poor Communities

Value-Raising Before Fundraising: The Secret to Sustainable Support


A Broader Perspective of Health Related Asset Building

ACF's Asset Initiative: Bringing the Benefit of Asset Building to More Low Income Families

Bank On Initiatives: Connecting Families to the Financial Mainstream

Beyond Job Readiness: Helping the Working Poor with Career Advancement

Bringing Financial Asset-Building Services to Refugee Communities

Connecting Fatherhood Programs & Fathers to Asset Building

Engaging Families: New Insights to Increase Participation & Achieve Outcomes

Family Centered Treatment: Enabling Sustainable Change

Financial Coaching for Better Outcomes

Financial Health & Physical Health Joining Forces

From Shoestring to Success: Growing Healthy Marriage Coalitions

Getting Fit to Operate an IDA Program: Using Asset-Building Coalitions & Developing Organizational Capacity

Growing & Sustaining Fatherhood Initiatives: State & Municipal Strategies

Health Care Reform

Healthy Marriage: An Asset for Couples, Children & Communities

Home Visiting: Helping Families to be Fit for the Future

Moving from Awareness to Action: Developing Responsible Male Youth

Partnering with the Faith Community to Promote Health & Wellness

Power in Numbers: The Principles of Coalition Building

Promising Strategies & Lessons Learned from Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood Grantees

Promoting Savings at Tax Time: How EITC Helps Build Assets

Reaching Out to New Dads: Strengthening Families While Building Broad Community Collaboration

Re-Entry Programs: Father & Family Friendly Innovations

Relationships Matter: Partnering to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy

State & Municipal Strategies for Promoting & Sustaining Asset Building

To Be Young & Free: Means Making Smart Financial Choices

Using Web-based Technology to Promote Asset Building

Veterans Returning Home: Reconnecting with Family

What Works in Asset Building for Previously Incarcerated Individuals

Without a Compass; Models to Help Dads Navigate Child Support & Child Welfare Systems