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Virginia Putative Father Registry

The Virginia Putative Father Registry is a confidential database. The purpose of the registry is to protect the rights of a putative father who wants to be notified in the event of a proceeding for adoption of, or termination of parental rights for a child he may have fathered.

What is a Putative Father?

  • You are not married to the child's mother; or
  • A court has not determined that you are the child's father; or
  • You have not signed a written agreement acknowledging you are the child's father; or
  • You have not adopted the child.

Reasons to Register

  • To not miss out on the opportunity to play an important role in your child's life
  • Timely registration entitles you to notification of termination of parental rights or adoption proceedings for a child you may have fathered
  • To assist in the process to establish paternity but does not start the legal to establish paternity

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