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Date: 12/09/2017
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 01:00 p.m.
Title: Rattles to Riding Toys: Meeting the Needs of Multiple Ages in Family Care ITSN
Description: Purpose: To provide family care providers an opportunity to explore how to best care for infants and toddlers in multi-age environments. Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to: Identify the benefits and challenges of multiple-aged grouping in family child care Discuss elements of quality care, including the importance of supervision and easy access to materials for infants and toddlers in family child care Identify ways to adapt daily practices and routines to meet the needs of infants and toddlers Practice adapting individual and group activities and materials for use with differing age groups
Target Age Group: Infant & Toddler (0-36 months)
Location-City: Charlottesville, VA
Location-Region: Piedmont
Cost: FREE
Credit Type: Training Hours 
Sponsored by: Infant and Toddler Specialist Network
Registration Contact: Name: Jamie Morris
Phone: (540) 335-9277