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Date: 03/15/2018
Time: 06:15 p.m. - 08:15 p.m.
Title: VAITSN Understanding and Responding to Children Who Bite
Description: Understanding and Responding to Children who Bite Biting is a developmentally appropriate behavior often seen in toddlers and two year olds. As a child matures, gains self-control, develops problem solving skills and is able to verbalize their needs they typically outgrow this behavior. In this workshop we will discuss the reasons why a child bites as we develop strategies to help them move through this stage of development.
Target Age Group: Infant & Toddler (0-36 months)
Location-City: Axton, VA
Location-Region: Piedmont
Cost: Free
Credit Type: Certificate 
Sponsored by: Virginia Infant Toddler Specialist Network
Registration Contact: Name: Leigh Laughorn
Phone: (434) 797-8887
Website: NA