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Getting Started

Please review the following information to help prepare for this training module.

Computer Specifications

  1. Internet Access
  2. Windows 98/2000/Me/XP or Macintosh OS X
  3. Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.x or higher is required for viewing this training module. (Download Internet Explorer). Use Safari or Netscape 7.x on the Macintosh. The program does not work well in Internet Explorer 5.x on the Macintosh.
  4. Set screen resolution to 800 by 600 pixels or higher. (need help?)
  5. JavaScript must be enabled to view the interactive activities available in this training module. (need help?) An alternate text version is provided for each interactive activity.
  6. Sound card with speakers or headphones is required to hear the audio track of the videos. An alternate text version is provided for each video clip.
  7. Adobe® Reader® is required to view PDF (Portable Document Format) files. (need help?).
  8. If your school division uses Internet filtering, you may encounter errors when attempting to access this site. This is due to the nature of the subject discussed. If you receive an error, contact your Internet filter administrator, and request this site be allowed through the filter. Since different filtering software will give different errors, it is not possible to provide examples of the errors you may encounter.

Your school division may not allow downloading and installation of the software required to view the video clips available in this training module. If you receive an error when downloading, contact technology support services for your school.

Other Formats Available

In March 2004, this training module was distributed in CD format to Virginia schools for those teachers who do not have sufficient bandwidth to adequately stream the video clips over the Web. The full-length videotape is available for purchase in VHS and DVD format from Video Works of Virginia. Contact information for Video Works of Virginia is provided on the Resources page of this training module.

Symptoms of insufficient Internet bandwidth: Video clips are blurry, display as still images, and/or lag behind the audio track. Option: View the alternate text version provided for each video clip.

How This Training Module is Structured

This training module covers three topics:

Navigate through the topics by clicking on the "next page" link at the bottom each page.

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Or, you can navigate through the topics using the Main Menu and Topic Menus at the top of each page. You may find this navigation method useful to review topics after you complete the training module.

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The side bar on the right hand side of the page may contain a list of links to major headings on the page along with "Learn More" notes and links to available handouts. Handouts will open in a separate window.

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Hyperlinks within text will display in blue type, like the "Proceed to Introduction" link below. Links to other web sites will always open in a new window.

When you click on links to video clips, a separate window will open and the video will begin playing. A control panel will be available. Functions include play/pause, stop, fast-forward, and rewind. There is also a position slider, along with a volume slider and mute button that pops up when the speaker button is clicked.

Real Control Panel

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