Sexual Abuse Video Script

Video: Teenage girl in playground.

Graphics: Sexual Abuse: Incest, Rape, Indecent Exposure, Fondling, Prostitution, Pornography, Sodomy, Statutory Rape

Narrator: Perhaps the most disturbing form of child abuse is sexual abuse. Too many children in Virginia are victims of acts of sexual abuse. These acts violate a child’s most basic need for emotional and physical safety. It is as if they are prisoners in their own family, neighborhood, school, or church.

Video: Cut to Linda Struck, Virginia Department of Social Services, on camera.

Linda Struck: Children who have been sexually abused have been robbed of their childhood innocence, often by a trusted adult. Their loyalty, trust in the relationship with that adult has been manipulated for the adult's own personal gratification.

Video: Fade to teenage girl in classroom with teacher looking on.

Graphics: Seeing the Signs, Sexual Abuse

Video: Various views of teenage girl walking to school.

Narrator: Neglect and physical abuse show their signs in far more obvious ways than sexual abuse. So often, when a child is sexually abused, the emotional scars, like the secretive nature of the act, are hidden.

Video: Pan around classroom showing students participating in class, ending on teenage girl sitting at her desk staring into space.

Narrator: Those scars, however, can last a lifetime. Your responsibility is to recognize the patterns of behavior that are manifest in a child who is being sexually abused. A child who is living a life of sexual abuse is living a life of fear. Sexual abuse can have disastrous effects on that child’s development.

Graphics (over video of children in classroom): Effects of Child Sexual Abuse: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Early Pregnancy, Academic Failure, Inability to Trust, Suffers Shame and Guilt

Narrator: Sexually abused children can acquire sexually transmitted diseases or become pregnant. Their academic success can be stilted from a lack of concentration. Many sexually abused kids wind up having a difficult time trusting others and suffer from shame and guilt, even believing the abuse was their fault.

Video: Close-up of teacher talking to class.

Narrator: But you can have a positive effect on that child by recognizing the signs of sexual abuse.

Video: Cut to Linda Struck on camera.

Linda Struck: It’s vital because teachers, especially day care providers, are with children all day long. They are the key folks who know if something is different as recognized in the child’s behavior or academic performance. They are your first identifiers so they’re in a good position to report their suspicions to Child Protective Services. Finally, we can’t act until someone calls us.

Video: Fade to black.

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