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Unlicensed Child Day Programs Receiving Child Care Subsidy Assistance

The Child Care and Development Block Grant Act (CCDBG) of 2014 requires specific health and safety topics to be addressed for unlicensed child day programs receiving subsidy from the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF). These requirements promote the health, safety and well-being of children in care including, but not limited to, comprehensive background checks, orientation and annual training, and inspections.

For a view of the Division of Licensing Programs at-a-glance Health and Safety Inspections pamphlet, click here.

Unlicensed programs receiving subsidy must meet the program requirements established for approved subsidy vendors. The Division of Licensing - Children's Programs will inspect the programs to determine compliance with program requirements.

Advantages of becoming a licensed provider include having:

  • Access to a licensing inspector who is available to answer questions and lend support;
  • Added resources and training opportunities; and
  • A free listing of your child care program on the Department of Social Services public web site which is used by parents when searching for child care.

For information about becoming an approved child care subsidy vendor, click here.


Child Care Subsidy Inspection Requirements

Background Investigations



Unlicensed Child Day Centers

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Staffing and Supervision
Special Care Provisions and Emergencies
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Unlicensed Family Day Homes

Caregiver Qualifications and Training
Caregivers and Supervision
Special Care Provisions and Emergencies
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