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Easter Seals Child Development Center of Northern Virginia
300 Hunton Avenue
Falls church, VA 22046
(703) 534-5353

Current Inspector: Anansa Archer-Hicks (703) 268-3295

Inspection Date: July 14, 2015

Complaint Related: No

Areas Reviewed:
63.2 Facilities and Programs..
22VAC40-191 Background Checks (22VAC40-191)

Technical Assistance:
Discussed the following: -gate surrounding the playground area -completion of background checks -returning medications to parents (when and why) -new sight and sound procedures

An unannounced monitoring inspection was initiated today at noon. This was in response to a self-reported incident of a child not being within sight and sound supervision on June 5, 2015. See Violation Notice for more information. Today, there were 91 children under the supervision of 14 staff. During the inspection, children were observed having diapers changed, taking naps, reading books, coloring, being fed bottles and painting pictures. For lunch today, the children were served pizza, salad, bananas and milk. The findings of the inspection was reviewed with the Program Coordinator and Assistant Director. Should you have any questions, please contact me.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-160-C
Description: Based on file review, 2 out of 4 staff files do not have a TB test/screening having bee completed within the past two years. Evidence 1. Staff #5's most recent TB test/screening was completed on 7/8/13. 2. Staff #7's most recent TB test/screening was completed on 7/3/13.

Plan of Correction: These staff will complete this again.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-320-B
Description: Based on observations, the running water at the sinks are not at or below 120 degrees. Evidence 1. In classroom #116, the water temperature was checked. The temperature got up to be 141 degrees.

Plan of Correction: We will contact our contractor today to have this issue addressed.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-340-F
Description: Based on interview, a child was not within sight and supervision at all times while in care at the center. Evidence 1. On Friday, June 5th around 11:15am, child #1 was left unsupervised in the 2's classroom for approximately 5 minutes. The children of the 2's class were gathered in the hallway to go to the playground. A head count was completed, where staff #1 and #2 both counted 9 children present. Staff #2 led the children downstairs with staff #1 following the group. Before exiting the building to go to the playground, another head count, where 9 children present, was completed. Once outside, the teachers realized that child #1 was not with the group. Meanwhile, a grandparent, who was dropping off a child to another class, noticed child #1 alone and brought her down to the front desk. By the time staff #1 went inside to look for the child, she was with staff #3 at the front desk. On June 5th, child #1 was not signed in by the parent on the sign-in/sign-out sheet. The teachers had relied on this form for their attendance information. The teachers simply counted the number of children they believe to be present.

Plan of Correction: Both staff were immediately placed on administrative leave. When they returned to the center, the administrators reviewed sight and sound policy, name-to-face procedures and the importance of having an accurate attendance sheet at all times. The classroom must now go to the front desk for a name-to-face check before entering or exiting the building. The administration has changed the attendance forms and reviewed them with staff in an effort to ensure that this does not happen in the future.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-500-B
Description: Based on observations, the center does not have a leakproof covered receptacle for soiled linens in all classrooms. Evidence 1. In the upstairs classrooms, the trash bags are attached to the foot operated trash cans, but in a way where the opening is not covered and is accessible to the children in care.

Plan of Correction: Extra trash cans will be placed in the bathrooms for diaper disposal.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-510-N
Description: Based on observations and file review, a medication was not returned to the parent after 14 days from the authorization expiration. Evidence 1. Child #2 has Motrin drops available to be administered. The authorization for this expired on 2/20/14.

Plan of Correction: This medication will be disposed.

Standard #: 22VAC40-80-120-E-2
Description: Based on observation, the findings of the most recent inspection of the facility were not visibly posted. Evidence 1. In the area where inspections are posted, the Inspection Summary (IS)was posted over top of the Violation Notice. The IS is only required to be posted if there are no violations. However, there was a Violation Notice from the last inspection on 1/29/15.

Plan of Correction: Today's Violation Notice will be posted.

A compliance history is in no way a rating for a facility.

The online compliance history includes only information after July 1, 2003. In addition, the online compliance history includes information regarding adverse actions that may be the subject of a pending appeal. An adverse action is not final until a provider has exhausted or waived all due process rights. For compliance history prior to July 1, 2003, or information regarding the status of pending adverse actions, please contact the Licensing Inspector listed in the facility's information. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is not responsible for any errors in or omissions from the compliance history information.


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