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Chesterbrook Academy #804
20733 Great Falls Plaza
Sterling, VA 20165
(703) 404-1333

Current Inspector: Lisa L Hudson (571) 389-2459

Inspection Date: Oct. 25, 2018 and Oct. 29, 2018

Complaint Related: No

Areas Reviewed:

A self reported incident involving a child who sustained burns from a bottle warmer was investigated on 10/25/2018 and 10/29/2018. On 10/27/2018 an interview was conducted at another center. Observation of the center's video recording of 10/24/2018, staff interviews, review of staff records, written staff statements, emergency personnel interview and parent interviews were conducted. During the investigation, violations were determined pertaining to care and protection and staff responsibilities. Other violations which were not reported were also found during the investigation. Please email me with questions/concerns at:

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-40-E
Description: Based on the Center's video recording, staff interviews, review of staff written statements and review of telephone logs, the licensee failed to ensure the center maintained compliance with it's own procedures. Evidence: 1. The center's written procedures for medical emergencies requires staff to wear gloves and call the front office and 911 if needed. On 10/24/2018 at approximately 3:30pm, an incident requiring immediate medical attention occurred with Child #1 in the infant classroom. Staff #1 reported the incident to Staff #3 in the front office. Staff #3 did not call 911. At 3:39pm, staff #3 instead called a nearby center under the same sponsor and spoke with Staff #4. Staff #4 stated that Staff #3 informed them that a child "is burned, the skin is peeling, I think I have an emergency". Staff #4 from the nearby center called 911 at 3:49pm, approximately 19 minutes after the incident occurred. 2. Staff #1 and #3 failed to wear gloves while holding Child #1 as they waited for 911 emergency personnel to arrive.

Plan of Correction: On 11/1/18 Principal hosted a mandatory staff meeting for extensive review of emergency procedures. Examples and scenarios of emergencies were reviewed and staff was trained to call 911 immediately when an emergency was detected. Principal is in the final steps of scheduling a first aid/cpr trg for all staff in Jan 2019. The course will be extensive, taking place over 5 to 6 hours to ensure staff is trained to assess emergencies and properly protect all children in our care.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-240-B
Description: Based on review of staff records, one staff was not provided center procedures in writing. Evidence: Staff #1's record included a copy of procedures for medical emergencies, however the copy was not signed by Staff #1 per the center practice to confirm staff received the center's procedures for medical emergencies.

Plan of Correction: Staff files were audited to assure all current staff members have been properly informed of emergency procedures. Moving forward all new staff members will receive a thorough orientation that will cover center procedures in writing. The training Administrator will sign off on all trainings covered and will have another Administrator sign off as a witness.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-340-A
Description: Based on observation of the center's video recording and staff interviews, and staff written statements, staff failed to ensure the care and protection of one child. Evidence: l. According to the center's video recording of 10/24/2018, Staff #1 placed Child #1(10 months) on the edge of the counter in a sitting position. During this time, at approximately 3:30pm, Child #1 reached and pulled the baby bottle warmer on the counter. The hot water from the bottle warmer spilled over Child #1's left leg and fingers on the left hands. Staff #2 and #3 stated that immediately after the hot water spilled on Child #1, Staff #1 removed Child #1's pants. Staff #2 and #3 stated that Child #1's skin on his leg and fingers were red, peeling and blistering directly after the incident. 2. At approximately 3:30pm, Staff # 1 reported an incident to Staff #3, the person designated in charge of the administration of the center, the incident involving a serious injury to Child #1 (10 months). At approximately 3:33pm, Staff #3 called a nearby center under the same sponsor to speak with Staff #4 about the incident. Staff #4 was unavailable. At approximately 3:39pm, Staff #3 called this center again and spoke with Staff #4 about the incident. Staff #4 stated that they would call 911. 3. The call to 911 was placed by Staff #4 at 3:49pm, 19 minutes after Staff #3 was informed of the incident/injury. 4. Staff #1 and #3 are first aid trained. Staff #1 and #3 did not administer first aid treatment or call 911 to obtain medical attention for Child #1. 5. Staff #4 called 911 at 3:49pm at which time, staff received instructions to immediately place the child in cold water. Child #1 did not receive first aid treatment or medical attention until approximately 20 minutes after the injury occurred. 911 emergency personnel responded to the center and transported the child to a local hospital.

Plan of Correction: 1. All of the bottle warmers in the building have been replaced with Dr. Brown brand warmers that are equipped with a water reservoir and a top to prevent spills. The bottle warmer has a timer which is set to heat fluids to a safe temperature. This will prevent spillage or possible burning incidents in the future. Also scheduling first aid/cpr training for Jan 2019 2. Staff #3 has not been left in charge since 11/1/18. Any administrator in charge has been refreshed on proper first aid training and emergency procedure training prior to being left in charge. During our staff meeting on 11/1/18 emergency procedures were reviewed and staff was reminded that calling 911 in a timely manner is of utmost importance. 3. After our 11/1/18 meeting all staff members understand the urgency of calling 911 in an emergency situation. 4. In the 11/1/18 meeting staff was reminded of the importance of using their first aid training in emergency situations in a timely manner as soon as 911 has been contacted. 5. Staff was reminded of the importance of applying first aid in emergency situations during the 11/1/18 meeting. Additionally, an extensive first aid/cpr training with the Red Cross is being scheduled for January 2019 to review and improve first aid skills and knowledge.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-560-M
Description: Based on observation of the center's video recording system of the infant classroom, staff failed to sit with children during a meal time. Evidence: 1. The center's video recording of 10/24/2018 showed two staff, Staff #1 and #2 with six children (ages 11 months to 16 months)in the infant classroom. Some of the children were eating at a table between 3:15pm and 3:50pm. While the children were eating, Staff #1 and #2 were observed walking around the classroom and standing at the counter in the classroom with their backs to the children who were eating.

Plan of Correction: During our November 1st staff meeting, we discussed the importance of making sure that staff members are paying attention and at the level of the children during meal times. Since then Administrator has been in the classrooms periodically during meals to make sure procedure is being followed. Moving forward, an Administrator will complete two recorded observations per week during meal time to ensure proper meal time procedures are followed.


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