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Children of America (Glen Allen) LLC
2501 Old Brick Road
Glen allen, VA 23060
(804) 360-0248

Current Inspector: Susan Ellington-Sconiers (804) 588-2368

Inspection Date: Sept. 29, 2020 , Oct. 1, 2020 , Oct. 6, 2020 , Oct. 19, 2020 , Oct. 21, 2020 , Oct. 26, 2020 , Oct. 29, 2020 and Nov. 23, 2020

Complaint Related: Yes

Areas Reviewed:
22VAC40-191 Background Checks (22VAC40-191)
63.2 Child Abuse & Neglect
63.2(17) License & Registration Procedures

Technical Assistance:

This inspection was conducted by licensing staff using an alternate remote protocol, necessary due to a state of emergency health pandemic declared by the Governor of Virginia.

A complaint inspection was initiated on 09/29/2020 and concluded on 12/07/2020. A complaint was received by the department regarding allegations of staff-to-child ratios, supervision of children, and forbidden action. The director was contacted by telephone to conduct the investigation. The inspector emailed the director a list of documentation required to complete the investigation.

The evidence gathered during the investigation supported some of the allegations of non-compliance with standards or law and violations were issued. Any violations not related to the complaint but identified during the course of the investigation can be found on the violation notice.

The licensing inspector and director discussed the benefits of staff receiving training related to behavioral guidance on a regular basis.

Please complete the 'plan of correction' and 'date to be corrected' for each violation cited on the violation notice and return it to me within 5 business days from the date of receipt. Please specify how the deficient practice will be or has been corrected. Your plan of correction should contain: 1) steps to correct the noncompliance with the standards, 2) measures to prevent the noncompliance from occurring again, and 3) person(s) responsible for implementing each step and/or monitoring any preventative measure(s).

If you have any questions about this inspection, please contact the licensing inspector at (804) 662-9772.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-60-A
Complaint related: No
Description: Based on a review of one child?s record and interview, the center did not maintain a complete record for one child.

Evidence: 1) The first emergency contact listed in the record for Child #1 (DOE: 11/26/2019) did not contain a complete address. 2) The second emergency contact listed in the record for Child #1 did not contain a complete address. The state and city?s zip code were missing from both emergency contacts. 3) During interview, Staff #5 confirmed the center did not have a complete address for the emergency contacts listed in the record for Child #1. Each child?s record shall contain the name, address, and phone number of two designated people to call in an emergency if a parent cannot be reached.

Plan of Correction: Per the Center: "The center will have two sets of eyes review child files before filing to make sure the state and zip codes are listed."

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-350-E-2
Complaint related: Yes
Description: Based on a review of documentation and interviews, the center did not maintain the required ratios for children 16 months old to two years of one staff member for every five children.

Evidence: 1) The written attendance record for the Toddler A classroom and staff time cards reviewed for 06/25/2020 indicate there were a total of eight children, ages ranging from 18 months to 22 months, in the care of one staff member from 8:10am to approximately 8:44am.

2) The staff time card reviewed for Staff #3 dated 06/25/2020 indicate Staff #3 arrived at the center at 8:44am. During staff interviews, it was reported that Staff #1 was the only staff member present in the Toddler A classroom for approximately 35 minutes until Staff #3 arrived. A review of documentation revealed the age of the children in care ranged from 18 months to 22 months. The required ratio for children 16 months old to two years is one staff member for every five children.

Plan of Correction: Per the Center: "COA will always maintain required ratios in all classrooms. Families will have to stay with their children if the potential of the classrooms is going over until an employee can arrive and be counted in ratio."

Standard #: 22VAC40-191-60-B
Complaint related: No
Description: Based on a review of two staff records and interview, the center did not ensure that one staff had a completed sworn statement or affirmation prior to hire.

Evidence: 1) The sworn statement in the record for Staff #1, hired on 08/13/2019, was dated 08/19/2019. 2) During interview, Staff #5 reported Staff #1 did not have a sworn statement completed prior to 08/19/2020 and was hired on 08/13/2020. An employee or volunteer of a licensed or registered child welfare agency or of a family day home approved by a family day system must not be employed or provide volunteer service until the agency or home has the person's completed sworn statement or affirmation.

Plan of Correction: Per the Center: "All staff sworn statements will be completed before beginning work at COA."


A compliance history is in no way a rating for a facility.

The online compliance history includes only information after July 1, 2003. In addition, the online compliance history includes information regarding adverse actions that may be the subject of a pending appeal. An adverse action is not final until a provider has exhausted or waived all due process rights. For compliance history prior to July 1, 2003, or information regarding the status of pending adverse actions, please contact the Licensing Inspector listed in the facility's information. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is not responsible for any errors in or omissions from the compliance history information.

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