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KinderCare Learning Center #000002
4616 Minor Lane
Alexandria, VA 22312
(703) 941-6424

Current Inspector: Shahana Green (571) 423-6735

Inspection Date: March 8, 2018

Complaint Related: No

Areas Reviewed:
63.2 General Provisions.
63.2 Child Abuse and Neglect
63.2 Licensure and Registration Procedures
63.2 Facilities and Programs..
22VAC40-191 Background Checks (22VAC40-191)

An unannounced monitoring inspection was conducted from 9:00 am-1:40pm. At the time of entrance, 31 children were in care with 7 staff members present. Children were observed during infant care, reading books, playing with toys, group activities, singing and outdoor play time. A selection of staff and children records, medications and other documents were reviewed. Areas of non-compliance are identified in the violation notice. Please contact me if you have any questions at 571-835-0386.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-140-A
Description: Based on review, two of five children's records did not have a physical examination within one month after attendance. 1. Child B's file was missing the child's physical. The child began on 10/23/2017 and has attended more than one month. 2. Child D's file was missing the child's physical and had attended the center more than one month.

Plan of Correction: The director will request a copy of the physicals.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-50-A
Description: Based on observation, children's records were not treated confidentially. Evidence: 1. In the infant classroom, the allergy list was posted on the right side of the refrigerator and was not covered to keep the children's information confidential. 2. In the director's office, the allergy listed was posted on the bulletin board and was not covered to keep the children's information confidential.

Plan of Correction: I will remove both list.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-60-A
Description: Based on record review, three of five children's records did not have complete information. Evidence: 1. Child A's file was missing one parent's work phone number, first day of attendance, previous child day care and schools attended by the child. 2. Child B's file was missing the child's physical. The child began on 10/23/2017 and has attended more than 30 days. 3. Child D's file was missing the first day of attendance and the child's physical.

Plan of Correction: I will request the information and forms.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-70-A
Description: Based on record review, staff records did not include all required information. Evidence: 1. Staff A and Staff B's file were missing the name, address and telephone number of a person to be notified in an emergency.

Plan of Correction: I will have the staff fill out an emergency form.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-270-A
Description: Based on observation, areas and equipment of the center, inside and outside, were not maintained in a safe and operable condition. Evidence: 1. In the Pre-K classroom, there were four holes in the wall near the cots that could cause a finger entrapment. 2. In the Pre-K classroom, the door to go outside did not easily unlock so that the inspector could go outside. Two staff members had to assist to get it open. 3. In the Three year old classroom, the play sink had four missing parts that created holes. One of the holes could be a finger entrapment. 4. In the infant room, the changing table right side cabinet had come off the hinges and was leaning on the table. The left side cabinet will not open or close. The teacher in the classroom stated that a work order had been placed 2-3 months ago. 5. In the infant room, the table under the sink had a cabinet that will not slide and is missing handles. 6. On the playground equipment, the first step was peeling large pieces of paint off. 7. The red door on the playground had peeling paint.

Plan of Correction: I will put in a work order for all of these areas.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-280-B
Description: Based on observation, hazardous substances such as cleaning materials, insecticides, and pesticides were not kept in a locked place using a safe locking method that prevents access by children. The key was accessible to the children. Evidence: 1. In the Pre-K classroom, 4 bottles of disinfectant sanitizer were in a cabinet with the lock turned in the lock position , however the key was in the lock.

Plan of Correction: I will remind the staff to take the keys out of the lock.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-290-3
Description: Based on observation, all electrical outlets were not covered with protective covers. Evidence: 1. In the Pre-K classroom, two outlets on the surge protector near the clock were not covered.

Plan of Correction: I will have them covered.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-520-C
Description: Based on review, the center is not following all requirements when diaper cream is used. Evidence: 1. Child A had a diaper cream labeled with the child's name on it, but did not have a current parent authorization form on file. The form expired on 2/21/2018. 2. Two diaper creams were under the changing table in the infant room. These products were accessible to children as the diaper changing table cabinet was broken and the door was leaning on the changing table.

Plan of Correction: Not available online. Contact Inspector for more information.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-550-F
Description: Based on interview and observation, the center did not post in a visible place at each telephone, A 911 or local dial number for police, fire and emergency medical services.

Plan of Correction: I posted immediately.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-560-F
Description: Based on observation, the center did not post a menu listing foods to be served for meals and snacks during the current one-week period and have the menu posted in a location conspicuous to parents or given to parents. Evidence: 1. The center provides meals and snacks and did not have a weekly menu. The food to be provided for the day only was posted on a board by the front door.

Plan of Correction: I put the weekly menu up for the parents to view.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-570-E
Description: Based on observation, Infant bottles were not all dated. Evidence: 1. Child B had two infant bottles refrigerated and labeled with the child's name, but did not have the date.

Plan of Correction: The teachers will be reminded to put a date on the bottles.

Standard #: 63.2-1720.1-B-3
Description: Based on review, the center did not obtain a copy of the results of a search of the central registry maintained pursuant to ? 63.2-1515 and any child abuse and neglect registry or equivalent registry maintained by any other state in which the individual had resided in the preceding five years. Evidence: 1. Staff D (lived in MD 6/2013) resided in another state in the past 5 years and the center did not obtain a central registry from that State as required.

Plan of Correction: I will send for it.


A compliance history is in no way a rating for a facility.

The online compliance history includes only information after July 1, 2003. In addition, the online compliance history includes information regarding adverse actions that may be the subject of a pending appeal. An adverse action is not final until a provider has exhausted or waived all due process rights. For compliance history prior to July 1, 2003, or information regarding the status of pending adverse actions, please contact the Licensing Inspector listed in the facility's information. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is not responsible for any errors in or omissions from the compliance history information.

Virginia Quality is a voluntary quality rating and improvement system for early care and education facilities serving children ages birth through pre-K. Eligible child care facilities must be fully licensed, licensed exempt and a VDSS subsidy vendor, or a voluntary registered day home and a VDSS subsidy vendor. Only programs enrolled in Virginia Quality will display a rating. Virginia Quality contact information for your region is available at the following link Regional Contacts.