Becoming a foster parent

Virginia’s kin first culture focuses on families for children and not children for families. Foster parents need to possess the time and energy to give to children, and must be supportive of children’s ongoing relationships with their families.

Primary requirements to be approved include, but are not limited to:
  1. Successfully complete pre-service training
  2. Actively participate in a Mutual Family Assessment that includes a minimum of three (3) face-to-face interviews
  3. Submit a national Fingerprint Criminal Record check, a child abuse and neglect history check, and a DMV check
  4. Offer a safe, welcoming home with adequate space for children.

Along with training, local departments of social services (LDSS) provide financial support and other resources to assist children and families throughout the process.

It's easy to pursue your interest in foster parenting through Virginia's Faster Families Highway. Get started today by creating an account on the Virginia Department of Social Services' Faster Families Highway.

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