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Foster and Adopt Children in Virginia.

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Begin the journey to growing your family by fostering and adopting your child!


There are nearly 700 children waiting to be adopted in Virginia. They are bookworms, math enthusiasts, musicians and so much more, but they all have one thing in common – they’re waiting for a family like yours. Adoption is a life-changing and rewarding way to expand your family. Consider opening your heart and home to a child in need. Consider adoption.

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The purpose of adoption is to place children who have been permanently and legally separated from their birth parents with a new family. In Virginia, over 60% of our foster care youth are adopted by their foster parent. Adoption in Virginia is an 11 step process that ensures the best fit and success for both the family and youth in care. Click here to learn more about adoption.

Kinship Care

Kinship care is a way for Virginia’s children to stay connected to family when they are unable to live with their parents. When children enter foster care, relatives can sometimes become their primary caregiver (also called “kinship care provider”). Kinship care can reduce trauma, promote stability, and maintain family and cultural connections. Learn more.

Virginia Post-Adoption Support

Adoption is a pathway to a permanent, safe and loving family for many children. As an adoptive family, there may be times when you experience highs and lows and could use a helping hand. This section aims to do just that, by providing post-adoption resources and information in your area, so you have access to a range of support when and where you need it.

To provide these post-adoption support services to adoptive families such as yours, the Virginia Department of Social Services’ Division of Family Services has organized 76 localized agencies, known as the Regional Post-Adoption Consortium.

No matter where you live in Virginia, a regional consortium is working together to provide post-adoption services to you.

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Foster Care

Foster care is intended to be a temporary solution for children who have been removed from their birth family homes due to neglect, abuse, abandonment, or other endangerments to their health and/or safety. Every effort is made to help the child remain or return with his or her family, however, when reunification (or the process of returning a child to his or her birth family) is not possible, then adoption occurs as a permanent outcome in the best interest of the child. Becoming a foster parent is also the first step in the adoption process. Learn more about foster care.


Virginia’s children deserve a loving home in which to grow and thrive. Learn more about Virginia’s waiting children and join in our partnership with Virginia Kids Belong to help find the right family for them.

Meet Latoya

LaToya is full of energy and loves to draw and create artistic projects such as jewelry making. Enjoys playing basketball, swimming and attending baseball/basketball games.

Meet Zach

Zach is a fun loving pre-teen who loves to ride his bike, play basketball, and do basically anything outside! He loves to build things, and when things are broken he loves figuring out how to fix them.

Meet Chasidy and Quinshell

Chasidy is a creative and funny 13 year old young lady who enjoys doing hair, dancing, playing video games, listening to music, and taking walks.

Quinshell is a vibrant 15 year old who is described as a social butterfly and likes to go out with her friends. She enjoys watching Netflix, getting her nails done, and dancing.

Adoption Disclosure

Adoption Disclosure involves the official release of information from the sealed adoption record of an adopted child. The Virginia Department of Social Services maintains a permanent file of all adoptions finalized in Virginia on or after July 1, 1942. Whether you’re an adult adoptee, adoptive parent, birth parent, or adult birth sibling, you can request information from an adoption file. Learn more.

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