Making Virginia’s Child Support Program Simpler

An Easier Application, Low-cost Paternity Testing, and Help for Both Dads and Moms

As Virginia’s Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE), we know the child support program can be hard to navigate. We have district offices across the state to support our families, make it easier to receive and pay child support, and even offer low-cost paternity testing.

Right now it’s particularly important to remember that DCSE works with dads and moms. We have an easy-to-understand form for requesting essential child support services.

We can also look at you and the other parent’s current income to see whether your child support order should be adjusted—often without going to court. We have programs to help noncustodial parents who have lost a job and can’t pay child support. And we even offer a special process for reducing TANF debt.

We're making changes to improve how we serve families like yours...

Your child's needs just can't wait!

We'll respond within two business days.

More Services for Custodial Parents (Parents Wanting to Receive Child Support)
  1. NEW online child support application
  2. Customer service experts trained to walk you through the process
  3. Only $35 annually (and only if we collect more than $550/year on that child support case)
Review Your Current Child Support

  1. Moms, dads, and caretakers can all request a review
  2. We look at current income and recognize proven special circumstances
  3. Requests can be made remotely
Support Services for Dads and Moms

  1. Help the paying parent with some job-related expenses (work boots, uniforms, training, transportation, etc.)
  2. Convenient ways to make child support payments
  3. Free parenting and co-parenting programs