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image of a  square resembling a bullet About 2-1-1 VIRGINIA

2-1-1 VIRGINIA provides information and referral for:

  • Basic human needs:
    Food banks, shelters, rent or utility assistance
  • Physical and mental health resources
  • Work initiatives:
    Job training, English as a second language classes, GED preparation, financial and transportation assistance
  • Support for seniors and those with disabilities:
    Adult day care, meals at home, respite care, home healthcare
  • Support for children, youth and families:
    After-school programs, tutoring, mentorship programs, counseling, child care centers
  • Volunteering in your community:
    Mentorship opportunities, locations to donate food, clothing, furniture, computers or other items
  • Disaster support services:
    Up-to-date information on community and regional response, volunteer and donation coordination, crisis intervention and human service coordination

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