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Safe Sleep for Babies

According to the State Child Fatality Review Team, in 2009 119 infants in Virginia under the age of one died suddenly in their sleep environment*. After natural disease, sleep-related deaths are the leading cause of infant death in Virginia. This is nearly 10 times the number who died from abusive head trauma. It is nearly 30 times the number who died from a motor vehicle collision.

Contributing risk factors to infant sleep related deaths include:

  • Sleep surface and bedding
  • Bed sharing with other adults, children or pets
  • Exposure to prenatal or second hand smoke
  • Overheating
  • Mother's lack of prenatal care
  • Drug or alcohol use by mothers or caregivers

The videos and resources below provide safe infant sleep practices based on scientific evidence. These are inexpensive and easy to implement.

B'more Babies Safe Sleep Campaign This video is part of a Baltimore, Maryland campaign to share messages about infant safety and family health.
Safe Sleep Practices by Eastern Virginia Medical School This video was produced by Eastern Virginia Medical School as a direct result of child deaths in Hampton Roads area determined to have been caused or influenced by the sleep environment.
Safe Sleep for Babies: Learn How by U.S. Product Safety Commission This video provides information on how to create a safe sleep environment for your baby. This video is also available in Spanish.
Safe Sleep for your Baby by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development This short video is part of the Safe to Sleep campaign to educate parents and caregivers about ways to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related causes of infant death. The video portrays what a safe sleep environment looks like and describes other ways to reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death.

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