Child & Family Services (CFS) State Plan
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About the CFS State Plan

The Virginia Child and Family Services Plan (CFSP) 2015-2019 is a 5-year strategic plan that sets forth the vision and goals to be accomplished to strengthen Virginia's child welfare system. The goals and objectives of the plan must address improved outcomes in the following areas:
  • Safety of children;
  • Permanency for children;
  • Well-being of children and their families; and
  • Nature, scope, and adequacy of existing child, family and related social services.

This plan meets the required assurances and promotes transforming and strengthening Virginia's child welfare system. It integrates the vision, outcomes and strategies of the Virginia Children's Services System Transformation Initiative with required federal components. It also incorporates the strengths and needs identified through a recent statewide assessment that includes input from a broad range of stakeholders in preparation for the Federal CFSR.

Since the CFSP process began in 1994, there have been three complete five-year plan cycles (FFYs 1995 through 1999, FFYs 2000-2004 and FFYs 2005-2009). Each year, an Annual Progress Services Report (APSR) has been filed updating the progress made on the plan. VDSS has coordinated the CFSP with the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) and subsequent program improvement plan (PIP) in order to improve the child welfare system in the State.

The Virginia Child and Family Services Plan:

  1. Articulates Virginia's vision to strengthen permanent family connections for children and youth;
  2. Promotes every child achieving his or her greatest potential and for families to be empowered to provide support for their children;
  3. Strives to achieve a more comprehensive and effective service delivery system for children and families that is coordinated, integrated, family-focused and culturally relevant;
  4. Interweaves the state practice model throughout to promote leadership, policy and practice statewide to be based on these shared beliefs and principles.

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