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Guidance & Resources

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Look Before You Lock Transportation Safety Message

About this Video

The Administration for Children and Families started a campaign on 7/26 called, "Look Before You Lock" to prevent child deaths related to heat stroke from being left in child care buses and vans.

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Courses (TIPS, training catalog, distance learning courses)

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The TIPS (Training Information for Provider Success) Calendar is for private, non-profit and governmental organizations to list child care provider training in Virginia and Washington D.C.

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The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) provides online professional development opportunities for all child care providers.

Read-A-Book Program

This is a distance learning, self-study program that allows early childhood professionals to earn training clock hours by completing lessons with children's literature books, or reporting on pre-approved books about early childhood education and child development. The Virginia Department of Social Services' Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Development collaborated with the Library of Virginia to place sets of books in each of the 350 public libraries across Virginia.

This initial phase of the Read-A-Book Program focuses on the importance of incorporating children's literature across the curriculum, reading to and with young children daily, understanding early brain development, fostering language and literacy development, and communicating successfully with young children.

The program currently offers two book report options for obtaining clock hours of training credit. Early childhood professionals are encouraged to choose one or both, without repeating the same books. Participants are eligible to receive clock hours of training credit for each option selected and book report submitted to Child Care Aware of Virginia (CCAVA) for grading. The number of training hours awarded depends on the option and book selected, as well as the points earned (from 0-10 hours). Book report materials are available online for free and via email by contacting Grading the completed book reports costs participants $20 per option selected, and the check should accompany the completed book report materials when submitted for grading. (All checks should be made payable to CCAVA.)

For additional information contact at or 804-285-0846.

Video Training Series

Scholarship Program

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The purpose of this tuition assistance program is to offer child care providers foundational knowledge and skills in the care and development of children. Funded by the federal Child Care and Development Fund, the program allows early educators to attend undergraduate courses at Virginia's accredited colleges.

Courses that are currently required for a certificate or degree in the early childhood education field are pre-approved for payment through the Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program (VCCPSP) as funding allows. Current maximum allowable benefits are either eight classes, or a lifetime award of $3,570.00, whichever comes first. Once a child care provider applies for their first scholarship, the maximum award amount will not change; this serves as an incentive to use the scholarship funds before tuition increases. For example, if the original application in the scholarship program was in 2013, the maximum lifetime award amount was $2,988.00 based on the average tuition costs at that time, and this maximum award amount will not change.

Scholarships pay for tuition and a technology fees for up to two courses per semester when the eligibility criteria are met. Expenses for travel, books and activity fees are the responsibility of the student.  Students MUST apply each semester for which they wish to receive a scholarship, and during the corresponding semester application period (Fall - June 15 - August 1; Spring - October 15 - December 1; and Summer - March 15 -April 15).

The program does not reimburse college students: colleges are paid directly. If a student does pay for a course, it is his/her responsibility to make sure the college will reimburse the student. It is the student’s responsibility to submit a copy of the scholarship award letter to the college business office. Without this, the business office will not apply the scholarship award to the student’s account. Award letters will be sent via email when possible, and they will contain the award recipient’s name and address. If there are any changes in plans regarding an award, students must submit a Course/College Change Form to VCCPSP before the end of the college's drop/add period. Please read the Scholarship Program Information sheet (below) for more details on Program eligibility and how to apply.

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Professional Development Publications

Career Pathways

The purpose of the Career Pathways is to help practitioners plan their training, education and career development goals so they may be well-prepared to educate, nurture and meet the needs of young children and their families.

Choosing Child Care

This publication provides a concise and convenient review for parents to use when searching for child care services.

Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals

This publication is intended to improve the quality of early childhood programs by clearly identifying the skills and knowledge needed by adults who are supporting the growth and development of children from birth to kindergarten. This publication is currently only available in English.

Milestones of Child Development

This is a comprehensive reference guide designed to assist adults working with and caring for young children with emotional, cognitive, and physical needs.

Director's Toolbox

This publication is designed to assist directors in meeting the standards for Licensed Child Day Centers. It also guides directors and new staff members through the process of orientation. Included is a wide variety of recommended and required sample and model forms.

Family Child Care Tool Kit

This publication is designed to assist family child care providers in providing quality care and education to the children they serve. It contains guides and outlines, sample policies and procedures, and forms and checklists. Topic areas are getting started, policies and procedures, health and safety, child development, and resources.

VDSS Endorsements