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  • You will be given the opportunity to enter multiple sessions to your event title (i.e. multiple locations, dates and/or times for the same event title). If it is your intention to add multiple sessions, be sure to check "Yes" next to "Add a session?" located under question 11 below.
  • All questions marked with an asterik (*) are required fields.
  • Adding a calendar event does not mean that it will show up immediately. Since it must be previewed by VDSS staff before posting, it will take approximately 5 working days.
  • To Change details of an event that has already been posted, please e-mail or call 804-726-7652.
  • VDSS offers this site as an informational service. For non-VDSS training the department:
    • Does not verify the information listed.
    • Does not sponsor, endorse or approve the training listed.
    • Does not handle registration, fees or logistics of training.
    • Reserves the right not to post events that appear to be inappropriate or in conflict with VDSS regulations governing child care programs.

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