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Mission, Vision & Strategic Planning

VDSS Mission

People helping people triumph over poverty, abuse and neglect to shape strong futures for themselves, their families and communities

VDSS Vision

A Commonwealth in which individuals and families have access to adequate, affordable, high-quality human/social services that enable them to be the best they can

Strategic Planning & the Social Services System (VSSS)

image of geocentric circles depicting the various entities of the Virginia Social Services System (VSSS)

Strategic planning focuses on long-term, mission-driven goals and establishes the best approaches for achieving those goals. A strategic plan sets measurable milestones to guide ongoing adjustments in course and action. VDSS is part of the larger VSSS, which is a partnership of key organizations responsible for the administration, supervision and delivery of social services:

All strategic planning efforts at VDSS align with and support the Council on Virginia's Futures long range goals for the Commonwealth. VDSS' performance as a state agency is evaluated as a part of Virginia's agency management scorecard, along with other state agencies at the Council's Web site, Virginia Performs.

  • VDSS Plan & Performance Measures
  • VSSS Strategic Plan:
    Virginia Social Services System members participate in ongoing strategic planning efforts at both the statewide and local levels. To achieve their common mission and goals, system representatives use a committee structure.


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