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Child Protective Services - Trainings & Resources

The goal of Child Protective Services (CPS) is to identify, assess and provide services to children and families in an effort to protect children, preserve families, whenever possible, and prevent further maltreatment. CPS is non-punitive in its approach and is directed toward enabling families to provide adequate care for their children.

Local departments of social services are responsible for receiving reports of abuse and neglect; responding to valid reports of suspected child abuse or neglect; and providing services that enhance child safety and prevent further abuse and neglect to families and children.

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) develops statewide public awareness and education programs and administrates state and federal grants to prevent abuse and neglect. Additionally, VDSS operates a statewide CPS Hotline 24/7 to support local departments of social services by receiving reports of child abuse and neglect and referring them to the appropriate local department of social services. The CPS Hotline is staffed by trained Protective Service Hotline Specialists.

Anyone can report suspected child abuse or neglect to a local department of social services or to the CPS Hotline.

More information:

Click on the following link to access the main CPS website. This page includes information and links to other resources related to CPS such as CPS Guidance, CPS publications, etc.

View additional resources below to access training for mandated reporters for child abuse and neglect. Additional resources include valuable training that is external to VDSS as well as various publications and printable materials.

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Please note: The following resources are external to the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS). You will be sent to a website that is not maintained by VDSS.

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