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Child Support Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for services?

To open a case you must complete and submit an application for services. Please complete, sign, date the application and attach all of the required documents so that processing will not be delayed. You can either fax or mail your completed application packet to the district office that proudly serves the locality in which you reside.

Who can apply for services?

Parents or guardians with physical custody of a child, as well as agencies with legal custody may apply. If you are receiving public assistance (TANF) or child care subsidy assistance your case is automatically referred to DCSE. A case may also be referred to the Division when a child is placed in foster care. Putative fathers seeking to establish paternity can apply for services and non-custodial parents who wish to pay their child support through DCSE may apply.

Can I apply for services if the other parent resides out of state?

When the other parent resides out of state, you may still apply for services. We work cooperatively with other states, U.S. territories and certain foreign countries to help provide child support services.

Is there a fee for applying for services?

DCSE charges the following fees:

  • There is no fee for an initial application
  • A $35 annual fee deducted once $550 has been collected on a case in which no TANF benefits have been paid. The $35 fee is deducted once per federal fiscal year.
  • A $25 reapplication fee when an applicant reapplies for services after requesting case closure and then elects to reapply within six months of closing the case.
  • The annual fee can be paid by the easy to use kiosks located in the local child support offices or mailed to: Treasurer of Virginia P.O. Box 570 Richmond, VA 23218.

How will I receive my child support payments?

Parties receiving child support payments have three options that include:

  • Direct Deposit: Your payment is automatically deposited into your checking or savings account
  • EPPI Card: Similar to an ATM or debit card. When a payment is received and processed, it is then applied to the Way2Go card.
  • Check: Mailed to your listed mailing address.

How do I make child support payments?

If you are not paying through an income withholding order or you want to pay an additional amount towards your arrearages, several options are available:

  • Online: Payments can be made by utilizing our online payment portals. Please visit the MyChildSupport portal at Payments are credited within 2-5 days. After the payment has processed the payor will see a printable receipt or the receipt can be emailed if the email address has been provided. You also have the option to set up automatic reoccurring payments to a single case or multiple cases to include the frequency (i.e. weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) and the end date of reoccurring payments.
  • Kiosks: The easy-to-use kiosks are located in the lobbies of the child support offices and selected courts. They accept cash bills in denominations from $1.00 up to $100 along with credit and debit cards. The kiosk will not accept coins and cannot make change so any overpayment will be applied to your DCSE case(s). Kiosk transactions have associated convenience fees collected by Touchpay, not DCSE. These fees will not be applied to your case. The kiosk does not accept money orders.
  • The Touchpay Payment Portal: You can visit at Touchpay accepts credit and debit cards has a convenience fee, which is collected by Touchpay not DCSE. This fee will not be applied to your case.
  • IVR System: The MyChildSupport system is available by calling 877.670.2941 or you can pay with debit or credit cards via Touchpay at 866.232.1899. Use of the Touchpay system has a convenience fee, which is collected by Touchpay not DCSE. This fee will not be applied to your case.
  • By Mail: Payments should be made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia and sent to the following address: Treasurer of Virginia P.O. Box 570 Richmond, VA 23218. Please include your name and either Social Security Number or a DCSE number on all payments.

What is DCSE's MyChildSupport portal and what are some of its benefits?

The MyChildSupport portal provides customers, employers and third parties with access to a variety of online child support services. Customers have the ability to view and update case information, obtain and manage payment information, make payments and submit income verifications to authorized parties. Employers and third parties have the ability to manage and make payments on behalf of parents. There is also a “guest” registration for those wanting to make payments on behalf of someone else.

You may utilize this portal to provide customer feedback. We truly value your input and opinions.

How can I find out if a payment has been applied to my case?

Payment information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Parents, Guardians and Employers can visit the MyChildSupport portal by visiting the following URL: or by visiting the Virginia Department of Social Services website, clicking on "Child Support" on the top ribbon and "My Child Support" from the drop down list. Once registered as a user, parents/guardians have the ability to:

  • View up-to-date case and payment information at anytime
  • Schedule child support payments that can be drafted from a bank account
  • Manage payments by viewing, cancelling and/or reporting payment made through the portal

Who should I contact for income verifications?

The MyChildSupport portal has an Income Verification page that allows users to request child support payment information to be sent to an authorized party. Users have the ability to enter the business name, recipient's email address and the reason for the request. A copy of the income verification payment history will be emailed to the recipient and a copy will be sent to the user. The user will then be given the opportunity to submit another income verification request if needed.

Why didn't I receive the full support order amount?

When a support payment is received the payment is distributed according to State and federal guidelines. Reasons you might not receive the full amount include:

  • If child support is owed to more than one family, the payment is divided amongst the families
  • If child support payments are being garnished by an employer, CCPA (Consumer Credit Protection Act) limits the amount that can be withheld, between 50% and 65%, when the payor is unable to meet the full obligation amount.
  • If the payment is more than what is owed to the family and an amount remains owed to the state, the remainder will be applied to the amount owed to the state.

Should payments be made directly to the payee?

No. Once you have received directions to pay through DCSE, any payments made directly to the payee and not through the State's Disbursement Unit are considered gifts and will not be credited to your official payment record.

Are there any programs that are designed to assist individuals with barriers to paying their support obligation?

Yes. Through the Division's Family Engagement Services, the Division is committed to offering progressive, holistic, family centered approaches that promote the success of families. The Division helps parents to overcome obstacles hindering their ability to provide emotional and financial support for their children through the proactive collaboration with community partners and other governmental agencies. The Division actively seeks grants to support existing programs and to test and implement new approaches to helping parents and support their children. The Division also provides outreach services, Intensive Case Monitoring Programs and many other services that may assist individuals with barriers.

Who are some of the Division's Family Engagement Services partners?

The Division has secured governmental partnerships to offer Family Engagement Services. The Division's governmental partners include:

  • Virginia Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole District Offices
  • Virginia Employment Commission
  • Local Departments of Human Services
  • Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts
  • Community Colleges throughout the Commonwealth

The Division's partners also includes faith-based and non-profit organizations as well as fatherhood initiatives to help better equip fathers to be more intentionally and proactively engaged in their children's lives. In addition the Division also partners with re-entry councils and Community Collaboration Councils, helping individuals that are leaving correctional facilities and returning to society to secure housing, employment and resources.

How do I contact DSCE?

We encourage you first to visit the MyChidSupport portal as it provides valuable information and resources that will assist you with your case. Customer service representatives are available Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. if the portal is unable to address your issue. Please give us a call at 1.800.468.8894. You may also utilize the email account to send messages to the appropriate caseworkers for assistance.

What is the TANF Debt Compromise Program?

The TANF DEBT Compromise Program provides an incentive for NCP's to discharge a portion of debt owed to the Commonwealth based upon criteria set by the Division and the NCP's ability to pay. NCP's can receive a reduction in TANF arrears when in full compliance with the program's criteria. If the NCP owes a TANF debt and the order is a Virginia order but the NCP does not reside in Virginia, the NCP can still participate in the program. You must contact the agency Division and set up an appointment to apply for the Program.


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