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Children's Residential Facilities (CRF)

There are 2 types of Licensed Residential Facilities for Children:

  1. Children's Residential Facilities (CRF): These provide 24-hour care, guidance and protection to children placed through local family assessment and planning teams under the Comprehensive Services Act or private placement by parents or legal guardians.
  2. Child Caring Institutions (CCI): These are licensed under minimum standards for licensed child caring institutions. By law, they are not permitted to accept public funds. Payment for care is provided by parents or legal guardians.

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Background Investigations

Code of Virginia Requirements

§63.2-1726 - Every children's residential facility that is regulated or operated by the Department of Social Services; the Department of Education; the Department of Military Affairs; or the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services shall require a criminal history record check and a child protective services central registry search on the following:

Any individual who:

  • Accepts a position of employment
  • Volunteers for such a facility
  • Provides contractual services directly to a juvenile for such a facility

The results of the criminal history background check and results of a search of the child protective services central registry must be received prior to permitting an applicant to work in the children's residential facility.

Children's residential facilities cannot hire anyone who has:

  • a conviction or pending charges for an offense under clauses (i), (ii), (iii), or (v) of barrier crime definition in Code §19.2-392.02
  • a conviction or pending charges for an offense under clause (iv) within five years prior to application for employment/volunteer/contractual services or is still on probation/parole or has failed to pay court fees for offenses under clause (iv)
  • founded case of child abuse or neglect


Documents & Procedures

Obtaining Criminal Background Results

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