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Office of Trauma and Resilience Policy

Public policy is integral in shaping how health and human services are provided to Virginia's children and families. As human services organizations move to incorporate trauma-informed, healing-centered, and resilience-building practices into their systems and procedures, public policy can serve as the motivating force in promoting more widespread prioritization and promotion of resiliency and healing.

The Office of Trauma and Resilience Policy (OTRP):

  • Leads efforts to infuse and sustain trauma-informed and healing-centered knowledge and skills into VDSS culture, policies, and practices;
  • Fosters collaboration with state-level stakeholders to align and coordinate our trauma and resilience efforts and initiatives; and
  • Engages with local partners and communities to promote resilience and healing in the children, families, and individuals we serve.

OTRP Goals

Facilitate DSS Culture Change to More Fully Embody Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered Care

  1. Develop a framework for the promotion of inclusive, trauma-informed, and healing-centered practices
  2. Assess readiness to employ trauma-informed and healing-centered practices, policies, and approaches
  3. Be a resource for technical assistance and advising related to trauma, healing, and resilience
  4. Promote and implement trauma-informed and healing-centered employment policies, practices, and procedures

Promote Agency Collaboration Around Trauma, Resilience, and Healing in Policy and Practice

  1. Lead efforts to review and update policies and practices that impact individuals, children, and families
  2. Support other state agencies as they review and update policies and practices that impact children, families, and individuals
  3. Develop and implement goals and objectives to support DSS becoming more trauma-informed and healing-centered
  4. Connect programs and initiatives that support and promote trauma-informed and healing-centered care

Promote Resilience and Healing Across Child and Family-Serving Systems and Sectors in Virginia

  1. Represent DSS on the statewide Trauma-Informed Leadership Team (TILT) to ensure inter-agency and cross-systems communication and collaboration
  2. Engage with state and local partners to develop and implement shared goals and objectives to become a more trauma-informed and healing-centered state
  3. Provide resources to support training and technical assistance to local agencies and organizations on Virginia's Trauma-Informed Model of Service Delivery
  4. Explore and institute training and funding opportunities that support the adoption of trauma-informed and healing-centered policies, practices, and programs


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