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Benefits - Verification Requirements
Different programs have different verification requirements. Following are examples of items the agency may need to verify and suggested ways to verify the items. If possible, please give the agency these verifications when you apply. Federal law and regulations require you to provide Social Security numbers for everyone on your application. You must also provide any documents necessary to establish your eligibility. If documents are not available, you must provide the names of individuals or organizations that can verify the information you give on your application.
  • Identity, Residence

    • Driver's license, alien registration card, voter's registration card, work or school ID, library card
    • Social Security cards for everyone
    • Birth certificates for all children (if applying for financial or medical assistance for children)
  • Expenses

    • Leases or mortgage agreements, rent receipts
    • Most recent utility and phone bills
    • Bills for child care or care for elderly or disabled adults
    • Bills for medical expenses
    • Child support obligations paid by a member of the household

    For SNAP applications, failure to report or verify any of the above expenses will be seen as a statement by the household that it does not want a deduction for the unreported expenses.
  • Resources

    • Most recent account statements for all checking, savings and Christmas club accounts, trust funds and certificates of deposits
    • Proof of stocks and bonds
    • Copies of burial trusts or burial arrangements, and information about burial funds and plots
    • Registration or title for all cars, trucks, vans, motorboats, motor homes/mobile homes, recreational vehicles, motorcycles/mopeds
    • Medical insurance policies or medical cards
    • Life insurance policies which can be cashed in
  • Income

    • Pay stubs or pay envelopes for this month and last month for everyone working
    • Records of tips, bonuses, commissions
    • Divorce decrees or support orders
    • School budgets or award letters for educational grants or scholarships
    • Award letters or notices for Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, unemployment compensation, veteran's benefits, pensions, settlements or any other type of income

Your eligibility worker will tell you if any other verification is needed. If you need help in obtaining or providing any verification, tell your eligibility worker.

The information you provide is subject to full investigation or review by this agency as well as by local, state and federal officials. This may include home visits (with advance notice given for Food Stamp cases), inquiries of employers, financial institutions, medical providers, and any other individual or organization necessary to establish or review your eligibility; and access to agency records. The information that you give may be matched against federal, state and local records including the Virginia Employment Commission and the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine if it is correct, accurate and truthful. In addition, your Social Security number will be used to verify your identity, prevent receipt of benefits from more than one social service agency at the same time and make required program changes.

The Income and Eligibility Verification System will also be used to verify information. This system uses your Social Security number to verify wages and salary, unemployment benefits and unearned income by using records from the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration. In addition, the Immigration and Naturalization Service will be used to verify the status of immigrants. Any differences between the information you give and these records will be investigated. Information from these records may affect your eligibility and benefit amount.

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