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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Interviews

When applying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, in most cases an interview must be completed with a benefit program specialist (BPS). This interview is a snapshot of your household situation to determine eligibility for SNAP benefits. We need your help to clarify the information on your SNAP application. Current and accurate information is needed so we can determine the correct outcome. Think of the interview as a private talk with the BPS about your household situation. The BPS will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the interview so ask questions if you don't understand. The goal of the interview is to clearly record your situation, so your SNAP application can be completed without delay.

Where will the interview take place?

Where will the interview take place?

The interview may occur by phone or in person with your local department of social services staff. The local agency will schedule an appointment and provide you with a letter with appointment details, such as date and time.

What will be asked during the SNAP interview?

The goal of the SNAP interview is to make sure your application is complete, correct and ready for approval. You can expect to answer questions on your SNAP application, such as:

  • What is your full name and birthday?
  • What is your Social Security number?
  • Where do you live? (You may qualify if you're unhoused or living with family/friends.)
  • Are you a U.S. citizen? (Non-citizens may still qualify.)
  • What is your monthly income?
  • Do you have any type of bank account?
  • How do you heat or cool your home, and do you pay bills for either?
  • Do you pay rent or mortgage or utilities such as electric, gas, water or telephone?
  • Do you pay a daycare expense?
  • Do you pay medical expenses?
What will be asked during the SNAP interview?
What do I need for the SNAP interview?

What do I need for the SNAP interview?

Now that you have an idea of what your interviewer might ask, you can gather the documents you will need to answer the questions easily and correctly. This can include your:

  • Social Security card if you do not have your number memorized.
  • Paystubs, benefit award letters (like those from Social Security or Veterans Administration), pension statements, self-employment records, child support payment records, etc.
  • Lease, mortgage statement or rent receipt.
  • Bank information for checking, savings and credit union accounts.
  • Utility bills for gas, electric or water.
  • Proof of identity. That may include:
    • Birth certificate.
    • Driver's license.
    • Social Security card.
    • Passport.
    • Work visa.
    • Resident alien card.
    • Paystub.

How can I get ready for my SNAP interview?

  • Prepare to answer, again, all the questions on the SNAP application. The interviewer will be entering your information into the VDSS system, including the questions you may have missed or answered incorrectly on the application.
  • Prepare to provide proof of income, resources and expenses you reported on your application. The interviewer will let you know what you need to provide during the interview and give it to you in writing.
  • Prepare to answer all questions on the SNAP application for each person in your household. The interview determines your benefits for everyone in your SNAP household.
  • Prepare to answer questions about other persons living in the household with you that are not applying for SNAP.
How can I get ready for my SNAP interview?
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