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Kiddie Academy of Centreville
14275 Braddock Road
Centreville, VA 20120
(703) 349-3419

Current Inspector: Whitney McGrath (571) 835-4717

Inspection Date: Sept. 14, 2018

Complaint Related: No

Areas Reviewed:
63.2 Facilities and Programs..
22VAC40-191 Background Checks (22VAC40-191)

Technical Assistance:
Discussed having additional supplies bathroom supplies available in the older classrooms bathrooms as well as getting additional staff members trained to administer Auvi-Q medication.

Today an unannounced Renewal Inspection was conducted between the hours of 9:20am and 2:30pm. There were 6 classrooms observed with a total of 78 children with 13 staff within the supervision guidelines. The children were observed playing with play doh, eating a morning snack (graham crackers with water) doing show 'n tell, learning about shapes and other organized activities. A complete inspection of the physical plant, children and staff records, fire drill log, medication and emergency procedures were observed during this inspection. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at Thank you for your cooperation during this inspection.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-140-A
Description: Based on record review, the center did not obtain a physical exam for each child within the first 30 days of attendance. Evidence: Child #3 (date of enrollment: 7/31/2016) file did not contain documentation of a physical exam.

Plan of Correction: We will contact the parents and request a physical exam.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-270-A
Description: Based on observation, areas of the center were not maintained in a safe and operable condition. Evidence: 1. The water fountain in the two's classroom does not work. 2. The lid to one of the toilet tanks is broken and is being secured with tape.

Plan of Correction: We will either repair or remove the water fountain. We have already ordered a new toilet to replace the broken one.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-280-B
Description: Based on observation, hazardous substances were not kept in a locked place using a safe locking method that prevents access by children. Evidence: There are various spray cleaning materials in the cabinets under the changing table of the toddler classroom. There is a lock on the cabinet, however at the time of the inspection, the lock was not latched on the cabinet, making the materials accessible to the children.

Plan of Correction: All staff will be reminded to always lock cabinets.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-520-A
Description: Based on observation, over-the-counter skin products were kept beyond their expiration date. Evidence: Child #7's diaper cream expired 4/2018. Child #8's diaper cream expired 8/2018. Child #9's diaper cream expired 6/2018. Child #10's diaper cream expired 6/2018.

Plan of Correction: Those four creams will be returned to parents and we will request new ones. Staff will check all other creams from expiration dates.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-560-K
Description: Based on observation, feeding tables were not sanitized before and after each use. Evidence: The children in the toddler classroom were observed doing an activity at their tables. The children were then instructed to come wash their hands for a morning snack and the children then returned to their seats where they proceeded to eat their snack. The tables were not sanitized before or after the children eat their snack.

Plan of Correction: We will remind all staff of sanitizing policies.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-560-N
Description: Based on observation, several children were permitted to eat and drink while walking around the toddler classroom. Evidence: While the children were eating their morning snack, child #11 was observed singing and dancing next to the teacher with a graham cracker in their hand and eating their cracker. Towards the end of snack time, the children were instructed to go to the carpet to transition to story time. Several of the children were observed leaving the table and joining the carpet while still eating their snacks.

Plan of Correction: Staff will be reminded to not allow children to walk and drink with food.

A compliance history is in no way a rating for a facility.

The online compliance history includes only information after July 1, 2003. In addition, the online compliance history includes information regarding adverse actions that may be the subject of a pending appeal. An adverse action is not final until a provider has exhausted or waived all due process rights. For compliance history prior to July 1, 2003, or information regarding the status of pending adverse actions, please contact the Licensing Inspector listed in the facility's information. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is not responsible for any errors in or omissions from the compliance history information.


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