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Dawning Point Learning Center
805 Lyons Blvd.
Fredericksburg, VA 22406
(540) 371-6510

Current Inspector: Morgan Bryson (540) 270-0057

Inspection Date: Oct. 30, 2023

Complaint Related: No

Areas Reviewed:
8VAC20-780 Administration.
8VAC20-780 Staff Qualifications and Training.
8VAC20-780 Physical Plant.
8VAC20-780 Staffing and Supervision.
8VAC20-780 Programs.
8VAC20-780 Special Care Provisions and Emergencies.
8VAC20-780 Special Services.
8VAC20-770 Background Checks (8VAC20-770)
20 Access to minor?s records
22.1 Background Checks Code, Carbon Monoxide
32.1 Report by person other than physician
63.2 Child Abuse & Neglect

An unannounced monitoring inspection was conducted 10/30/2023 from 10:25am through 1:55pm. There were 39 children directly supervised by 7 staff. The physical plant, outdoor playground area, programming, menus, 4 staff records, 6 children?s records, 2 medications, emergency drills, injury reports, emergency supplies, and policies were inspected. Children were observed doing crafts, dancing to music, handwashing, and eating lunch. There was an adequate supply of age appropriate materials for the children. There was an adequate number of CPR/First Aid, Daily Health Observation, and MAT trained staff on site at the time of inspection. Areas of non-compliance are identified in the Violation Notice.

Please complete the columns for "Plan of Correction" and "Date to be Corrected" for each violation cited on the Violation Notice, and then return a signed and dated copy to the licensing office by 5pm on 11/27/2023. Please email me at with any questions.

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-40-M
Description: Based on observation and staff interview, the center did not maintain, in a way that is accessible to all staff who work with children, a current written list of all children's allergies, sensitivities, and dietary restrictions in each room or area where children are present.

Evidence: There was no posted allergy list in the Fours classroom.

Plan of Correction: Allergy list was copied and reposted

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-270-A
Description: Based on observation, areas inside the center were not maintained in a clean and safe condition.

Evidence: In the Twos classroom there was a strip of wood framing approximately 8 feet tall that was dangling from the tall cabinet door.

Plan of Correction: Strip was removed and taped over.

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-280-B
Description: Based on observation, the center did not ensure that hazardous substances, such as cleaning materials, were kept in a locked place using a safe locking method that prevents access by children.

Evidence: In the Fours classroom, there were two disinfectant spray bottles stored in the tall unlocked cabinet.

Plan of Correction: Teacher was in midst of using cabinet. Reminded to keep locked.

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-340-D
Description: Based on staff interview and record review, the center did not ensure there is at least one staff member who meets the qualifications of a program leader or program director regularly present in each grouping of children.

1. Staff #4 (Date of Hire: 11/14/22) is the lead teacher in the Toddler classroom and does not have documentation on file they meet qualifications of a program leader or program director.
2. Staff #2 (Date of Hire: 12/5/19) is the staff regularly present in the Twos classroom and does not have documentation on file they meet the qualifications of a program leader or program director. Staff #5 stated there is no lead teacher in the Twos classroom.

Plan of Correction: Reminded staff (lead) to bring copies of training. Hired new lead qualified

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-350-B-3
Description: Based on observation and staff interview, the center did not ensure that ratios were maintained in the Threes classroom.

Evidence: The youngest child present in the Threes classroom was Child #8 (Age 2) making the ratio in the classroom 1 staff to 8 children. There was 1 staff present with 10 children at the time of inspection.

Plan of Correction: Parent had the early promo letter - they returned it

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-440-N
Description: Based on observation, it was determined a crib used by an infant over the age of 5 months was equipped with toys hanging over the sleeping area.

Evidence: Child #3 (Age 6 months) was observed sleeping in a crib with a stuffed spiral activity toy attached to the side of the crib. The toy was dangling in the crib next to the sleeping infant.

Plan of Correction: Spoke to teacher, had item removed immediately

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-450-A
Description: Based on observation, the center did not ensure that cots used by children during the designated rest period had linens consisting of a top cover and a bottom cover.

Evidence: In the Toddler room, one child was observed laying on a cot with only a blanket on top of them and no bottom cover.

Plan of Correction: Reminded parent to bring top and bottom cover for nap. Keep spare at center.

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-500-B

Based on observation, the center did not ensure that disposable diapers were disposed in a leakproof or plastic-lined storage system that is either foot-operated or used in such a way that neither the staff member's hand nor the soiled diaper touches an exterior surface of the storage system during disposal.

Evidence: In the Twos room, the foot-operated mechanism on the trash can was not functioning. Staff demonstrated how they dispose of diapers which requires their hands to touch the trash can by lifting the lid.

Plan of Correction: Trash can in room had been moved without my knowledge. The appropriate trash can was

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-510-I
Description: Based on medication review, the center did not obtain current parental authorization for children's medication.

Evidence: Child #7 had an emergency medication on site and the parental authorization on file expired 12/1/2022.

Plan of Correction: Parent signed new form - date was current for dr. authorization.

Standard #: 8VAC20-780-560-G
Description: Based on observation, the center did not ensure that food brought from home is dated and labeled to identify the owner.

Evidence: In the Infant classroom, there were two containers of food in the refrigerator and one container of food sitting on top of the refrigerator that was not dated or labeled with a child's name.

Plan of Correction: Reminded teacher and the parent to label and date prior to center accepting.


A compliance history is in no way a rating for a facility.

The online compliance history includes only information after July 1, 2003. In addition, the online compliance history includes information regarding adverse actions that may be the subject of a pending appeal. An adverse action is not final until a provider has exhausted or waived all due process rights. For compliance history prior to July 1, 2003, or information regarding the status of pending adverse actions, please contact the Licensing Inspector listed in the facility's information. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is not responsible for any errors in or omissions from the compliance history information.

Virginia Quality is a voluntary quality rating and improvement system for early care and education facilities serving children ages birth through pre-K. To find programs participating in Virginia Quality, click here.

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