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Help for Victims of Domestic Violence

How to Protect Yourself

Safety for yourself and for your children must be your primary concern when you are experiencing violence in your home. Develop a plan. Figure out the best way to get yourself and your children to safety. Ask for help. Keep some money, an extra set of keys, identification records (birth certificates, social security cards) and other important documents and telephone numbers with a trusted friend. Let your neighbors know your situation. Ask them to call the police if they hear suspicious noises from your house. Teach your children how to use the telephone and how to contact the police or other help in an emergency.

If you are being abused by someone in your family or by a partner, CALL 911. The police are required to:

  • Respond to your call.
  • Make an arrest if there is probable cause that an assault has occurred.
  • Write a report of incident and give you a summary of the report.

The police are also required to request an Emergency Protective Order if they believe you are in further danger. This will order the abuser to:

  • Stop abusing you.
  • Stay away from you.

Places to Get Help

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(deaf or hard-of-hearing):

(800) 828-1120, or 711