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The Road to Self Sufficency

The following videos are research presentations demonstrating the economic impacts to families as they work their way out of poverty.

Richmond City, short version - TANF VIEW Participant

Richmond City and Fairfax County - TANF VIEW Participant

Bedford County - TANF-UP

Road to Self-Sufficiency Locality Specific Profiles

Page 1 of the Excel workbook describes how the profiles were developed and the sources of information for each component of the model. Many people contributed to the development of the profiles and we acknowledge them on Page 2 of the workbook. Page 3 summarizes the level of income needed to pay for housing, food, child care, transportation and health insurance without reliance on public benefits. Locality profiles start on Page 4 and continue in alphabetical order.
To access the Excel workbook, click here.

Each profile includes 1) a line graph that shows monthly income remaining after taxes and expenses (child care, food, housing, health insurance, and transportation) projected across levels of income, 2) a pie graph showing monthly expenses when income is set at the minimum needed for self-sufficiency, and 3) a data table documenting information included in the model.

For more information, contact the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) Office of Research and Planning at

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